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When hunting for the best video conference camera, you’re not looking for the same things as with the best webcams(opens in new tab) for home and remote working. Rather just pointing to a single person, this type of camera is designed to allow a whole room to participate. Using wide angle or 360º lenses with smart cameras and microphones, the best conference room webcam is able to connect an entire table of people. 

With more and more people working remotely these days, the need for businesses to buy the best conference webcam is growing. These clever cameras allow you to home in on different people and select specific voices, without requiring people to use mics and headphones. 

Features to look out for include automatic face detection and conference-grade microphones, and speakers with noise cancellation. That means you’ll be able to follow everything people are saying, and even those sat furthest away from the camera won’t lose out. 

When working on your conference room webcam setup, you’ll also need to consider the sound and noise cancellation capabilities. Some larger rooms will call for multiple speakers in order to get the best experience.

Read on to discover the best video conference cameras, for a range of budgets.

Meeting Owl Pro – 360-Degree

The Meeting Owl Pro captures 360° video in 1080p HD and 360° audio up to 18’ (5.5m) and automatically focuses on whoever is speaking to foster active collaboration and increased participation.

Enjoy fast and easy meeting setup with the Meeting Owl Pro. Simply plug in the power and USB, launch your preferred video conferencing platform, and start your meeting. Anyone in your organization can control the Meeting Owl Pro during the meeting via the iOS or Android Meeting Owl mobile app.

Compatible with virtually all web-based video conferencing platforms, including Zoom, GoToMeeting, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, BlueJeans, and many others.

The Meeting Owl Pro is recommended by Zoom and the winner of numerous industry awards including TIME’s Best Inventions of 2020 the CES Innovation Award in 2020 and 2021.

As per answer to one of the customer’s questions on, The Meeting Owl Pro has been tested and works with Facebook Live and Youtube Live streaming! All you will need to do is connect your Owl to your computer via USB, select the Meeting Owl Pro as your camera, speaker and microphone in either Facebook Live or Youtube Live and you should be good to go!

Owl itself has no built-in recording hardware but you can use VLC or Quicktime, for example, to record the audio and video of the Owl via USB (or your video conferencing platform if it has this feature)!

Real Customers’ Reviews

I bought this for board meetings that are held around a large conference room. I was worried that many of the voices of participants were too soft to be picked up well by the Owl, but when I checked with a participant joining via Zoom she raved that she could hear everyone just perfectly and that the picture quality was outstandingAn Amazon Customer

Used the Meeting Owl for an important Town Hall meeting for our church. Had 10 people in the room and about 80 others join via zoom. Sound and picture was clear for both the people in the room and the zoom participants. The 360 strip along the top of the screen was quite helpful and the Owl tech tracked better than I expected as various people in the main meeting room spoke. I can see “hybrid meetings” (where some join physically and others join via Zoom) continuing to be an important part of our church life even after the pandemic…and the Owl will be a real help in making those meetings effective and enjoyable. Impressed!An Amazon Customer

NexiGo N990 (Gen 2) 4K PTZ Zoomable Webcam

Enhanced pan/tilt and zoom motor performance make moving from preset to preset smoother. The NexiGo N990 webcam comes with an 8.5 Megapixel Sony sensor that features up to a 3840 x 2160 QHD resolution at 30 frames per second for crisper images and clearer videos.

Control your video calls with a remote, so even away from the desk you are still in charge. Turn off the webcam, adjust the volume, zoom in and out, mirror/flip your image, and more. With support for 5X digital zoom at 1080P, the NexiGo 4K webcam makes it possible to zoom in gradually with the single press of a button.

Built-in dual stereo mics with noise cancellation ensure clear audio capture from every angle. Automatic low-light correction provides an ideal video even in dim lighting conditions.

The NexiGo N990 webcam is compatible with many operating systems, including Windows 7/8/10/11, Mac OS, Android V5.0, Smart TV, and so many more. Perfect for Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Facebook, YouTube, Microsoft Teams, and any other popular video calling software.

Real Customers’ Reviews

Dual-position preset is intuitively easy to program. Zoom in to a specific location for the first preset, press and hold the location “1” button on the remote, and it’s set. Do the same for the second location you wish to set. This can be great for at-home use or business conference room use. You can make it look like you have a separate cameraman operating the camera in switching between the two views in real-time and not involving a video mixing board or post-production. Of course, you can always spend thousands of dollars and have a video production setup, but most people don’t need that complexity and expense. Although the camera has built-in dual stereo mics, it also has two 3.5mm audio jacks to attach additional microphones to the back of the base. Just imagine the usefulness of this for just a minute. Imagine that you want to make a YouTube video where you are interviewing someone, and you want crystal-clear sound from wireless lapel microphones connected to the conference camera. You can do it with this camera! This option alone may be the most significant selling point, but it’s so easy to overlook in the description. I’m looking forward to exploring what I can do with audio connections. The Ultra HD 4K Sony Starvis camera sensor works great as usual. Of course, optical zoom can provide better clarity at the sacrifice of low-light sensitivity. The NexiGo N990 doesn’t use optical zoom, but digital 5x zoom. Digital zoom works by basically cropping the 4k image down, and as a result, the image will pixelate a bit when fully zoomed in. Still, this camera has much better clarity for everyday video conference use than most video conference cameras out there. Can you get a higher-quality camera for video conference use? Of course, but it won’t be easy to beat the price of the NexiGo N990.An Amazon Customer

I buy NexiGo products because they work, and they are awesome! They are also very easy to get started and use. This NexiGo N990 4K Camera is the best of them all and I have had a couple of them – the just keep getting better. As it seems that I am going to be in a ‘work from home’ model well into the future, this camera is a very good investment. Really nice long USB cord, and with my office setup, that was a plus in itself! This thing acts like a robot right out of the box, and I call it ‘R2D2’ as I am a Star Wars buff! Most satisfying about this webcam is when everyone compliments me about how crisp I am showing up on their side – now I know that the 4K is a true value!An Amazon Customer

KanDao Meeting Pro 360 Conference Room Camera

On-Step Screen Mirroring from Multi-Type Devices. Get rid of mussy wired setting with built-in screen mirroring. Supporting Airplay and Miracast protocol means users can mirror screen from iOS devices, MacOS devices, Android devices and Windows-system devices.

Meeting Pro with surperior microphone, speaker and others parts for supports Microsoft/OS operating system compatible with all leading online conference software: Zoom, Skype, Google hangout, Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Team.

Meeting Pro enables 1080P, 720P HD video and provides multiple scenes and model to option within meeting conference including Discussion, Global, Presentiation and Patrol which flexible for various conference requirment and circumstance.(Image quality depends on the compatibility of display screen resolution and authorization of software screen definition)

Meeting Pro designed by effectiveness and reduction to make conference immersive with 360 camera in dual lens for whole room , 1 set of microphone and 8 speaker for voice collection within 5m, which able to collect all members voice and visual to achieve the meeting perfection.

360 All In One webcam conference device assembled high definition (high resolution) camera, stereoscopic speaker and digital microphone for meeting convenience and communication effectiveness. Visual, speak and auditory would be allow to interact within KanDao Meeting Pro.

No more driver installation is required after turning on the device and plug the cable for your favorite meeting software. Quick and convenient to increase conference efficiency.

Real Customers’ Reviews

The design is simple and elegant. The two fisheye lenses take a commanding stance on top of the unit, while when you cover them with the ear warmers style protector it looks kinda cute. The building quality is excellent. The whole thing feels solid and well built. The details are well considered. The bottom of the unit is a big pad of soft material making it slippery-proof and preventing scratches on your table surface. There is even a screw hole in the bottom for tripod mounting. The connection and setup are easy enough, just like an android phone. Apps like Zoom can be installed very easily. It comes with a remote control, with a pretty generic design. One feature of the remote control I really like is that, if you click on the top-right button, it shows an arrow on your screen and turn your remote control into a pointer. Although it probably won’t be the best pointer you’ve ever used, it does make input of letters and numbers much easier. It provides a 360-degree view of the whole surroundings. There are different modes to switch between different numbers of separate highlighted windows. The image quality is definitely sufficient for online meetings. Don’t expect movie-like clarity though, it’s just not gonna happen with those fisheye lenses. The machine did a very good job of stitching scenes taken by those fisheye lenses together. The image stitching works perfectly when you are 2 feet away or further. While you are getting too close, at the angle right between those two lenses, you will start to see artifacts. The speaker is loud with good sound clarity. When you mute the mic, the ring indicator light around the lower part of the unit will turn red, which is another nice feature to have that will give you the peace of mind knowing that the curse words you just said won’t be heard by people on the other side of the meeting.

The Cons:

I have to say that the image quality can be better. But I also understand that there probably are some physical limitations of the fisheye lens for resolution. At this price point I think it’s not fair to ask for too much more. But still I wish the image quality can be better. The figure tracking feature works well on most occasions, but sometimes it can be slow to respond and adjust.

Overall, I believe this is a solid offering for the price.An Amazon Customer

Well built camera. Great 360 view. The video quality is superb. Very easy to switch between a few different view modes. The audio is also clear and loud. It can be used either as a standalone device with the built-in android system, or as a standard usb external camera by connecting to a computer. The only downside is that the built-in android system feels so-so. Though the remote control has a pointer mode for input, it is still awkward to input without a mouse and keyboard. Google services also need some extra setup, which may not be very user friendly if you are not tech savvy. I mostly use it as an external camera with a laptop, which works great with all popular meeting apps such as Google meeting or Zoom.An Amazon Customer

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